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Best time to go for Kilimanjaro climbing and safari

The best time for safari and climbing Kilimanjaro are all the same. The best time to do a wildlife safari in Tanzania is dry season. Dry season months are from June to October, and it is easier to spot animals because grass are short. Likewise, Months with dry season is from June to October for Kilimanjaro trekking. Hiking up Kilimanjaro rain, make you feel cold, land become wet for trekking, and oxygen become insufficient in the atmosphere due to humidity. 

Due to current climatic changes, the best season to climb Kilimanjaro has varied. In November, December and January, rain is highly expected. They are also good, however, extra care on hiking gears, and tents is needed. The best months to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is also February to Mid-March. April and May are heavy rains months, and not recommended.

Tanzania wildlife safari is okay in those months, from June to December, and January to March. Even when it rains, you stay in a safari car. However, we go further and see that, wildebeest migration affects your safari season. Here we advise that to see the great migration, consider June to September, and December to March. You will book your Tanzania safari and consider to go in those months.

April and May are rain season, and hence grasses are flourishing tall. You can go for safari, but landscape and wildlife watching is limited. Many tourists know this phenomenon, and hence these months have few travellers. However, this months safari lodges lower price, and hence safari packages discounts to 50% or less. Contact us for low season safari deals. We also call green season cheap prices in Tanzania. 

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