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Tarangire National ParkGeneral Information Of Tanzania Safari which  is among the best safari destination With a measureless experiences tied together with the country’s commitment on preserve the Natural resources as wildlife is the highlight of most Tanzanian Safari, you can be ensured an amazing holiday that will stay with you for a life time.

Safari’ a specially wildlife viewing in the Tanzanian bush has become much more famous and recently has attracted thousands of people from many parts of the world to come and discover. If you’re major reason for traveling to Africa is to experience and discover an abundance of African wildlife in un touched wilderness,

Then Tanzania has to be your destination of choice, with a quarter of its land 247,537sq km set aside for wild animals Tanzania boasts of Africa’s biggest  and best National parks, game reserves and game controlled, much to the credit of Tanzania that wildlife is conserved and protected it is spelled in a nation’s policy, that wildlife will be well protected for the world people to enjoy and for the future generation to marvel at and learn from and its abundant National parks hence assurance and great opportunity of wildlife observations

Although wildlife safari is one reason visiting the country but Tanzania has a lot to offer from the annual wildebeest migration roaming on the Serengeti National Park plains to the adventurous trekking on the highest point of Africa the mount Kilimanjaro and the magnificent Ngorongoro crater where man and wildlife has shared the land without any recognized interferences and then ending you holiday relaxing on the white sandy beautiful beaches of Zanzibar.

Safari Porini has a wide range of safari itinerary either you are a Birds lover or you feel affection for any thing that come across yours eyes we have knowledge and malt linguistic guides who can spot and recognize a birds from a distances or from the sound, Remember all Safari Experiences itinerary are customized to meet you interest and budget, you may mix your accommodations between lodges public camp sites and tented camps, you may also want to schedule a leisurely or very budgeted itinerary depending in your time.

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