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Kilimanjaro National parkKilimanjaro National Park have an area of 756 square kilometers. Kilimanjaro National Park, gazetted in 1973, exist to preserve the mountain’s outstanding scenic features, and its Flora and Fauna. At an altitude of 5,895 meters above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest in Africa, the highest free- standing mountain in the world and one of the largest volcanoes ever burst through the earth crust.

The outstanding features are three major volcanic centers Shira in the west (4,269 meters). Mawenzi in east (5,280 meters), and snow-capped Kibo in the middle (5,895 meters), the youngest volcano.

Besides the peaks and Mooreland, the park consists of montane forest with relics of old vegetation, Also significant numbers of mammals include elephants, buffaloes, elands and duikers, leopards, baboons, and blue monkeys, The area is also frequented by colorful birds.

The ascent and the descent take five to six days. The mountain can be climbed by any normally fit person, with the assistance of a guide and porters. The park has six hiking access routes through the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve: Marangu route, Umbwe route, Machame route,Shira route, Rongai route and Lemosho route.

The park headquarters is at Marangu on the forest edge and is reached by a tarmac road, 48 kilometers from Kilimanjaro international Airport.

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