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Kitulo National ParkKitulo National Park:In additional to the parks of the northern, southern and western circuits Tanzania has three other national parks to explore. Kitulo plateau in the south Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria and Saadan on the mainland coast north of Dar es Salaam.One of the two more recently gazetted national parks, Kitulo National Park is the first park in tropical Africa to be recognized largely for its floristic significance. Known locally as “Gods Garden” or the Serengeti of Flowers’, Kitulo plateau has had over 350 species of plants documented to date ,These include 45 species of orchids, many of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Some 31 species are endemic to Tanzania; 26 to the Kitulo region; at least three to the plateau and in the adjoining forest.

The plateau is also home to some important bird species, again main endemic to Tanzania, including the endangered blue swallow, Denham’s bustard, mountain marsh widow, njombe cist cola, and kipengere seedeater.

Some of the world’s rarest butterflies also inhabit in the area along with chameleon, lizard, frogs and a few hardy reedbuck and eland.

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